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Mixed media

First introduced to paper mache in middle school and after winning 3rd and 2nd place in a local recycling contest, separate years, my interests in sculpting rocketed. Interesting fact: my first paper mache sculpture was based on a bird. Of course now birds became my main focus for my art and most of my sculptures are of birds but recently my area of interests extended to marine animals as well... I have had minor experience in wood-shop and welding but I hope one of these days to go back to those medias and experiment more. For now I hope you enjoy looking through my paper maches and mixed medias sculptures.

Sculpture: Bio


by Morgan Fisher

Flamingo_sculpture_fullbody logo.jpg
Meadowlark clay piece
kite sculpture
sequined nighthawk
IMGP3214 logo.jpg
IMGP3243 logo.jpg
IMGP3306 logo.jpg
IMGP3300 logo.jpg
IMGP3484 logo .jpg
IMGP3437 logo.jpg
IMGP3411 logo.jpg
IMGP3340 logo.jpg
Sculpture: Gallery
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